PLC Notes

April 2016 PLC Meeting
Scribe-Joe G.


Month Theme-Hiking




Hazards of hiking

Pack of stuff for a hike

Talk about Philmont

Take a Hike


Position Reports


Charlie and Alden-troop Guide


Getting new scouts under control

Keep it up


Fred-Health and Safety


Presentation on health and safety


Patrol Leader-Iron Bison


Work on Advancement


Will O-Court master

Organize equipment


Wyatt-Wilderness survival


Presentation on wilderness survival


AJ and Sean-Patrol Guides


Check up on Patrol on Meeting outside of scouts


Luke-Patrol Leader-Sliver flying yetis


Work on Month theme


Bryson-Patrol Leader-Super Hot Fire


Did meeting, went go, more attendance


Joe B-webmaster


Get note on PLC Meeting


Joe G-Scribe


Get notes on Website


Burt-Patrol Leader-Leadership


Work on Active scouts and similar things


Matt-Senior Patrol Leader


Get meeting running smoothly and get more time in Gym this month


Gabe-Assistant Senior Patrol Leader


Assist Matt




Try to communicate with Patrol members better

Get Patrol Members Phone Numbers or Email