2017 Tomahawk Merit Badges Selected

This is the up-to-date list of merit badges that each scout has selected.  If your son needs to change, please contact Andy Heuer at the next Monday meeting.

First Name Last Initial Block A M/W/F   8:45-10:25 Block B Tu/Th   8:45-10:25 Block C M/W/F   10:40-12:20 Block D Tu/Th   10:40-12:20
Sam A Fishing Nature
Steinar C xCamping Chess
Eli C Woodcarving Mammal Study
Wyatt C Rifle Shooting Shotgun Shooting Archery Shotgun Shooting
Derek D Camping Cooking Cooking
Hunter D Woodcarving Nature
Joe E Camping Chess Basketry Kayaking
Thomas E Camping Chess Emergency Preparedness Wilderness Survival
Tim F Camping Chess Environmental Science
Gabe F Swimming
Aidan G Fishing Chess Woodcarving
Andrew G Canoeing Kayaking Orienteering Wilderness Survival
Charlie G Space Exploration Kayaking
Joe G Astronomy Kayaking
Finley G Fishing Woodcarving
Erik H Astronomy Shotgun Shooting Shotgun Shooting
Spencer H Camping Chess Emergency Preparedness Weather
Max H Astronomy Rowing Emergency Preparedness Weather
Jon H Pioneering Pioneering
Will H Basketry Geology
Quinlin H Fishing Woodcarving Nature
Ben K Nature
Erik K Basketry
Will K Camping Chess
Will M Camping Space Exploration Environmental Science Personal Fitness
Sam M Lifesaving Lifesaving Cooking Cooking
Gavin M Camping Personal Fitness
Josiah M Nature
Joaquin N Astronomy Chess Kayaking
Seth N Camping Chess
Will O Rifle Shooting Shotgun Shooting Archery Shotgun Shooting
Alden P Work with Younger Scouts
Luke R Fishing Fish & Wildlife Management Forestry Nature
Ben S Camping Emergency Preparedness Kayaking
Nate S Camping Fish & Wildlife Management Swimming
Zach S Archery Shotgun Shooting Rifle Shooting Shotgun Shooting
Carl S Canoeing Shotgun Shooting Rifle Shooting Shotgun Shooting
Matt S Fishing Nature
Trae V Canoeing Swimming Personal Fitness
Owen W Camping Chess
Will W Camping Chess