Popcorn Sales


Our volunteer Popcorn Colonel (Kernel), again this year, is Teresa Crowe! AWESOME! The years of experience she brings to this project is a HUGE benefit to our Troop in terms of efficiency, leadership, and understanding of the process from beginning to end. THANK-YOU TERESA!!!

For prize information, see: Northern Star Council prizes
For more detailed information, see: Northern Star Council Popcorn Sale Info

From the Northern Star website:

What Popcorn Supports

Scout Growth

The sale is not simply about raising money. It is ALSO about goal-setting, building self-confidence, learning to “earn his own way” and to grow as a young adult through speaking to others, learning self-reliance and salesmanship. Selling popcorn can also help your Scouts earn achievements

Why is selling popcorn important for Northern Star Council?

Over 2.3 MILLION dollars went back to Scouting programs in 2010 due to the popcorn sale. 1.3 million went back to the units and Scouts to help pay for their annual program, camping experiences and other Scouting events. The annual popcorn sale is a vital part of the Northern Star Council’s annual budget., accounting for 8% of the total Council budget. Because of the sale, NSC is able to provide top quality programs while keeping fees low and providing campership assistance to those who need it.
Because of the Popcorn sale, Northern Star Council can provide innovative programs such as:

Lion Cubs
Sailing Programs
Winter Camping
Many Point Tree houses
Tomahawk Climbing Tower
Cub Camp Bouldering Walls
High Adventure Programs
Membership assistance
Campership assistance
What happens if units do not sell popcorn?

If not enough units participate in the popcorn sale, costs for other events and programs would increase, from a week at Tomahawk to a district event.

Because of units’ participation in the Popcorn sale, Northern Star Council can continue to provide innovative and top quality programs to all Scouts in the area and keep costs low.