Other Camping Opportunities

— Updated March 2, 2016 —

Troop 248 is proud to attend Tomahawk Scout Reservation annually. For many Scouts, this is the highlight of their Scouting year. As Scouts get older there are many more opportunities for themselves and their families. This page attempts to capture some of these opportunities and encourages Scouts to dream of their possibilities.
If Scouts and families are interested in attending a particular camp or program it is suggested that their Scout raise the interest through their youth chain-of-command except for “Special Camping Opportunities.” If it appears there is enough interest for the troop to pursue then the adult leadership will work with interested Scouts and their families.
For more information, contact Assistant Scoutmaster John Chandler, john.m.chandler@comcast.net, 651.442.5711.

Other National High Adventure Base and Camping Programs Troop 248 will be attending in 2016 – 2017

For more details about each adventure being planned, here you go …

March 25-31, 2017 Sea Base

Our troop won a 2017, 7-Day Keys Adventure slot for up to 6 youth and 2 adults! Our crew will arrive at the Florida National High Adventure Sea Base on March 25, 2017 and will depart sea base on March 31, 2017. There are two bases and our base camp will be Brinton Environmental Center, located at the Summerland Key, Mile Marker 23.8. This adventure has the flexibility to include activities that personally interest your crew, such as night trawling to examine marine life, a possible overnight, great boating days visiting fabulous fishing and snorkeling areas.

2017 Sea Base youth participants must be 13 years of age and graduated or are graduating from the 8th grade in the season of their arrival – or – 14 years of age by September 1, 2017. Each crew (6-8 participants) must have a majority of youth and is limited to a maximum of two adults, one over 21 years of age and one over 18.

More information about this adventure can be found at www.bsaseabase.org.

If interested in being a part of this crew you should attend the next discussion during the March 14 troop meeting starting at 8p.m. or contact me in advance by phone (651.442.5711) or e-mail (john.m.chandler@comcast.net) to discuss.

To reserve your spot on the troop’s adventure you must provide a $100 non-refundable deposit to Treasurer Joel Ross (erinandjoel45@gmail.com) by the March 14, 2016 troop meeting and let me know of your interest. The deposit could be refundable if someone else in the troop takes your place. However, once the deposits are mailed to Sea Base there are no refunds.

All deposits from everyone attending are due to Sea Base March 30, 2016. This is the full payment schedule for Sea Base:
$100 deposit per person due March 30, 2016
$211 advance per person due September 1, 2016
$549 balance per person due TBD
$860 total per person ($6,880 total for eight participants)Keep in mind these payments are payable to Sea Base and do not include transportation, travel lodging, etc. Once we know who is going we’ll work out more details after we receive the planning guide this fall. If there is more interest than available space it will come down to first come, first served. I will assist others to get connected with one of two March 2017 council contingents or attempt to secure another adventure.Scholarships are available for those with demonstrated need. Visit www.bsaseabase.org/resources/forms.


  • Each participant must be a registered Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, Venture Scout, or Adult Leader.
  • Participants must be thirteen (13) and graduated from the 8th grade or fourteen (14) years old to participate in all programs.
  • Youth who would be eligible to attend the summer season (May-August) ARE eligible for spring program of that year (February-April). AGE REQUIREMENTS FOR SEA BASE CANNOT BE RELAXED. PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST OR EXPECT EXCEPTIONS!
  • The ability to swim 100 yards (official BSA swim test) and stay afloat for one (1) minute.
  • Must be in good health evidenced by a BSA Health and Medical form filled out and signed by your doctor within the past 12 months. A special SCUBA Medical and Waiver are required for the SCUBA Certification Program. Inquire early with questions about medical requirements for participation.
  • Must be a Certified Diver for the SCUBA Adventure Program by a certified agency nationally recognized by the BSA.
  • No participant may weigh in excess of 295 pounds. Participants not meeting this requirement will be sent home at their own expense.
  • All participants must know and use the scout Oath and Law as their guide to appropriate behavior at Sea Base.

Crews participating should:
1) Go camping-preferably in aquatic settings
2) Become proficient flat water paddlers
3) Learn basic fishing skills including knots
4) Learn and review Leave No Trace Principals
5) Seek local instruction regarding the use of VHF marine radios, safety flairs, man overboard procedures and drill potential emergency situations
6) Watch Keys Adventure packing video
*7) Watch A Reef Etiquette Video produced by NOAA*

Give serious thought to going and join us on March 14th at 8p.m.


July 24-30, 2016 Many Point Summer Camp

There has been many inquiries about an alternative summer camp experience to when the troop goes to Tomahawk for various reasons. The main effort annually will always be going to Tomahawk. However, if there are leaders and parents committed to organizing a second week of summer camp the best option this summer takes place at Many Point.

Many Point is the former Viking Council’s “Tomahawk” before consolidating with Indianhead Council to form Northern Star. This camp is in northern Minnesota near Ponsford. It offers a program for Scouts going into 9th grade and older. It also offers an All Star experience.

If there are enough adult leaders able to attend, this contingent will be responsible for covering the $100 non-refundable campsite deposit made at time of the reservation. A $25.00 deposit per Scout (non-refundable) is due on or before April 15, 2016. Balance of all fees are due by June 1, 2016. The fees are $264 per Scout if registered for camp prior to April 15, 2016; $274 per Scout if registered for camp after April 15, 2016; $102 per Adult Leader. The $100 campsite deposit will be divided between all attendees.

If there are not enough adult leaders able to attend, registering interested Scouts as part of the All Star experience is the way to go. The council provides leaders. Parents can still go but you are part of a troop with Scouts and adults from many other areas. A $25.00 deposit is due upon making the registration. The balance is due by June 1. The All-Star Scout fee is $274 and adult fee is $102.

In both scenarios, this includes all base program for scouts, food, tents, cots and troop equipment. The fee does not include transportation or older Scout program fees.

More information about Many Point can be found at www.manypoint.org.

If you and/or your Scout is interested, join us on March 14th after opening ceremony.


August (TBD) boundary waters trip

There is enough talent in the troop to organize a late summer canoeing trip without going through the Northern Tier High Adventure Base near Ely. The advantage to not going through Northern Tier is younger Scouts can participate. It is also cheaper if you don’t have to rent lots of gear. Interest has been expressed in trying to secure a Northern Tier crew through their lottery next summer but that doesn’t do us any good in 2016.

A $12 non-refundable reservation fee is required for each reserved permit. It is $8 per Scout; $16 per Adult. There is a maximum of 9 persons/4 canoes allowed on a permit traveling and camping together.

Depending on the length of this trip, the price will vary based on food, rentals, etc. If interested join a discussion during swim tests.


July 14-29, 2017 National Jamboree

This adventure occurs once every four years. The new home for this is in West Virginia at The Summit, the BSA’s newest national high adventure base. The local council hopes to send a minimum of six troops (36 Scouts each) and one crew.

Registration is open at www.summitbsa.org/events/jamboree/overview/. There is no registration fee at the moment. Reserve your space now. The troops will organize this fall.

The cost is $2,499 per Scout. This includes airfare, four days in DC with lodging, meals, and some swag: backpack, daypack, t-shirts, patches, etc. The payment schedule hasn’t been published yet. Scholarships are not available.
There are a number of Scouts and leaders in our troop who have attended jamborees. There are a number of Scouts already registered to attend this one. John Chandler was selected as one of the Assistant Scoutmasters and plans to attend. There are no guarantees that T248 Scouts will be assigned to the same troop or in Mr. Chandler’s troop. If families prefer their Scouts be together let Mr. Chandler know.

Other Long-term camping around the US

One of the great things about the BSA is there are council camps all over. Some might not rival Tomahawk’s infrastructure but many are unique and offer a quality Scouting experience in addition to providing the chance to camp in a different region. Below is just a sample of what is out there.
Atchafalaya Swamp Base is a national conservation and high adventure recreation base created in 2010 by the Evangeline Area Council, Boy Scouts of America to commemorate the Centennial of Scouting while also making a 100 year commitment to annually immerse thousands of youth in the environment and culture of the Atchafalaya Swamp.
  1. Must be a registered Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, Venture Scout, Sea Scout, or adult leader.
  2. Must be 14 years old by December 31st of the participating year.

El Rancho Cima

El Rancho Cima is a Boy Scout age appropriate camp for troops, teams, crews, and ships, located at 5800 Ranch Road 32, Fischer, TX 78623 on the Devil’s Backbone in the hill country, just 15 miles west of San Marcos, TX close to Wimberley, TX. The property was purchased in 1953, and consists of 2,680 acres of mountainous terrain covered by an umbrella of cedars and hardwoods.
This reservation operates two traditional summer camp programs at Cockrell River Camp and Walter Scout Camp at Horseshoe Bend, and a high adventure program called Rough Riders.
Asheville, North Carolina
Camp starts second week in June for seven weeks and ends in late July; Camp runs Sunday -Saturday.

Your unit can register for your next summer camping experience as early as June of the year before you want to attend. All camp reservations must pay the $220 reservation fee.