Tomahawk 2016 – Merit Badge and Activities Sign-Ups

(P) indicates see prerequisite below

First Name Last Initial Block A Block B Block C Block D Independent Study / Activities
Zach A Emergency Prep (P) Wilderness Surv
Matt B Swimming
Thomas C Camping (P) Emergency Prep (P) Wilderness Surv
Wyatt C Lifesaving (P) Lifesaving (P) Canoeing Kayaking
Ryan C Camping (P) Chess Emergency Prep (P) Kayaking
Brock C Fishing Wood Carving Nature New Scout Brownsea
Derek D Archery Space Exp Emergency Prep (P) Wilderness Surv
Thomas E First Aid (P) First Aid (P) Env Science Geology
Joe E Fishing Basketry Woodcarving New Scout Brownsea
Patrick E Camping (P) Kayaking Emergency Prep (P) Nature
Timmy F Wood Carving Nature New Scout Brownsea
Gabe F Astronomy Climbing
Andrew G Fishing Woodcarving New Scout Brownsea
Andrew G Lifesaving (P) Lifesaving (P) Rifle Personal Fit (P)
Joe G Canoeing Rowing Swimming Geology STEM – Nuclear Science
Charlie G Swimming Rowing Geocaching
Erik H Radio Journalism Moviemaking Photography NEWS High Adventure
Spencer H First Aid (P) First Aid (P) Env Science Wilderness Surv
Max H Camping (P) Kayaking Cooking Cooking
Jon H Chess Emergency Prep (P)
Will H Env Science Chess Emergency Prep (P)
Will K Fishing Wood Carving New Scout Brownsea
Kole L Rifle Shooting Shotgun Env Science Shotgun
William M Lifesaving (P) Lifesaving (P) Cooking Cooking
Sam M Camping (P) Fish and Wildlife Env Science Geology
Gavin M Camping (P) Salesmenship (P)
Joaquin N Camping (P) Emergency Prep (P)
Seth N Fishing Woodcarving New Scout Brownsea
Chris O Astronomy Salesmanship (P) Forestry Geology Bird Study
William O Lifesaving (P) Lifesaving (P) Canoeing Kayaking
Bert O Working with New Scouts
Alden P Woodcarving Basketry Weather Leatherwork
Luke R Camping (P) Chess Climbing Kayaking
Cain R Env Science Fish and Wildlife Emergency Prep (P) Nature
Noah R Archery Env Science Personal Fit (P)
Ben S First Aid (P) First Aid (P) Swimming
Nate S Fishing Woodcarving New Scout Brownsea
Zach S Lifesaving (P) Lifesaving (P) Canoeing Kayaking
Carl S Camping Fish & Wildlife Env Science Wilderness Surv
Trae V Camping (P) Space Exp Env Science Wilderness Surv
Will W Fishing Wood Carving New Scout Brownsea
Owen W Fishing Wood Carving New Scout Brownsea
Brian W Lifesaving (P) Lifesaving (P) Rifle Kayaking



Camping – Requirement 9a includes camping outdoors 20 days and nights.

Cooking – Change from the manual. All cooking requirements will be available at camp.

Emergency Preparedness. In addition, requirement 2c involves planning what to include in a survival kit with your family, and 8c involves building that survival kit. Scouts can either bring this kit to camp or they can take a series of photos to show their counselor at camp.

First Aid – Scouts must be First Class Rank before the summer.

Lifesaving – Requires completing a 400 yard swim before instruction begins. This will be done on the first day of class, but it is something Scouts should be prepared for.

Personal Fitness – Requirements 1, 7, and 8. These include getting a physical examination and a 12 week fitness regiment. Scouts that don’t have this completed will need to find a counselor at home to finish the badge.

Reptile and Amphibian Study – Requirement 5 includes keeping and observing a reptile for a month, and documenting behavior and changes.

Salesmanship – Requirement 5 involves participating in a fundraiser or selling services such as lawn mowing or dog walking.

In addition, all aquatics Merit Badges (Swimming, Kayaking, Rowing, etc) require passing the swim test to participate.