Merit Badge Counselors Needed

Our scouts have asked for new/additional merit badge counselors for the following MBs that they’d like to complete during the year. Can you help?

It’s only takes a few steps to become a new MB counselor –

  1. Complete the Youth Protection Training course at (if you are new or not up to date). Just login or create a new account.
  2. Complete the MB Counselor Info sheet
  3. Stop by the parent meeting on 11/6 or 12/4 (or any other meeting) and fill out an BSA Adult application – takes 5 mins – and you’re only signing up to be a MB counselor
Eagle Req Merit Badge Est. # of Counselor/Scout Meetings after intro mtg Scout work MB Details & Worksheet
American Business Research for one counselor mtg +3 months stock tracking + run small business for 3 months
American Cultures Research for one counselor mtg + field trip + give talk
American Heritage 2 Research for two counselor mtg + interviews + field trip/event
Animal Science 1 Research for one counselor mtg + field trip
Bird Study 1-2 Research for counselor mtg; identify 20 birds + 5 songs; build bird bath/feeder or sanctuary
Chess 2
Y Citizenship in the Community 2 Research for counselor mtgs; field trip to council mtg
Y Citizenship in the Community 2 Research for counselor mtgs; field trip; news for 5 days
Y Citizenship in the World 2
Collections 1 Should be a collector
Crime Prevention 1-2 Research for counselor mtgs + poss field trip
Dog Care Research for counselor mtg; field trip; 2 months care for dog
Electricity 1 Fairly easy, some basic electrical experiments
Entrepreneurship 1 Research for counselor mtgs / Need entrepreneur to lead
Exploration Research for counselor mtg + planned expedition
Gardening Research for counselor mtg + field trip + 90 day garden maintenance
Medicine 1-2 Research for counselor mtg; field trip to doctors office; participate in health event
Moviemaking 1-2 Fairly simple – Research + shoot a short video
Music 1 Appropriate for any student in band/orchestra
Oceanography 1-2 Research primarily
Pioneering Research + projects
Robotics 1-2 Research + build robot + field trip
Scouting Heritage Research + interviews
Skating Ice, Roller or In-Line
Snow Sports 1-2 Downhill (alpine) or Cross-country (Nordic) or Snowboarding or Snowshoeing. Counselor needs to comply with BSA Winter Sports Safety guidelines
Soil and Water Conservation 1 Research + project + two poss field trips
Sports 1 Must participate at least one season in at least two sports – baseball, basketball, bowling, cross-country, field hockey, football, golf, gymnastics, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming, table tennis, tennis, track and field, volleyball, water polo, wrestling. Research + general knowledge
Y Sustainability 2 Somewhat complex with projects, interviews and reports + research